Looking for an accurate stock market forecast?

If you’re trading in the financial markets then surely you know the value of trading with consistent and accurate information. Where most traders fall short is in their ability to respond proactively, and not reactively, to the market.

VantagePoint Trading Software utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence to populate a market forecast that is up to 86%. With forecasts that are consistent and accurate, traders can anticipate market trends and put themselves on the right side of the trade.

See a VantagePoint Stock Market Forecast

In this video we take a look at trades from two familiar retail stocks: Netflix and Lululemon. that VantagePoint accurately predicted:

In this recent market forecast you can see how VantagePoint accurately forecasted the 33% move over 11 trading days in Netflix ($NFLX) as well as the rally in Lululemon ($LULU), which increased at a rate of 1% per day since VantagePoint forecasted the trend to move up.

Stock and options traders can rely on these market forecasts in order to see immediate positive results in their trading.

VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software looks at the markets from a global perspective and provides traders with stock forecasts that are up to 86% accurate. This video demonstrates just how simple and extremely effective it is to use this patented technology to determine the global market influences and profit more than you ever have before.

VantagePoint Software Forecast