Care To Guess How Many Pounds We Can Donate This Year?



One of the things about my team is that they are generous. On a regular basis, they step up to donate for our community, they go the extra mile for our traders, and they always show up ready to do their best.  They truly are an amazing group of people.

At the start of 2020 we had a food drive to help local food pantries in the community.  Little did we know what was just around the corner and how vital our food donations would be! My brother, Lee, who was a passionate activist here in Tampa has been an inspiration to all of us and I asked my team to remember him for last year’s food drive.

Now when I say that when I put out the call, my team rises to the occasion, I’m not kidding!

Our Vantagepoint team donated over 1000 pounds of food to help local families in need.

2020 Vantagepoint Food Drive

In the end, we had so much food that we donated to three food banks in honor of my brother!

We’re getting ready for a three-peat; we’re starting our third food drive called “Love to the Rescue” next week; and again, we’ll be honoring my brother, Lee.

So for fun – can you guess how many pounds my amazing team will donate this year? 

We’ll publish the results here.  See how close you come!  And we encourage you to share the love too in your community. 

There’s something special about our Vantagepoint family and generosity is definitely an aspect of who our team and our traders are.

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