Artificial Intelligence

Market Analysis – Technical vs Fundamental

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A few weeks ago, the VIX posted its largest-ever weekly jump of 118% and then continued to be extremely volatile. Say goodbye to the investor complacency of the past three years, and hello to a new stretch of up-and-down trading. [...]

Man v. Machine – Artificial Intelligence Trading Software

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems have had varying degrees of success when measured against humans. In problems such as chess, which succumb to sheer computational firepower, the machines have advanced greatly in a short time. Like chess, financial markets operate under [...]

Celebrating the History of Louis Mendelsohn

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1979 - Mendelsohn and Technology What did technology look like for most people in 1979? It looked like the Atari personal computer or the Sony Walkman. For Mr. Mendelsohn, technology looked dramatically different as he had the foresight to know [...]