Lasting Friendships and Great Trading

Larry Williams Is A Shining Example of Both

Recently our long-time friend and business associate Larry Williams has been in the news.  Around the world, Larry is a legendary trader.

I have to say, there is no other futures trader that is as accomplished as Larry Williams!  He’s written so many books and taught thousands of people how to profitably trade. He’s even won trading championships and traded $1 million of his own money live during seminars. Amazing.

While many trading platforms use Larry’s standard indictors, Larry shared with us two of his personal, proprietary indicators that are only available through VantagePoint Software. 

Our team worked directly with Larry to create his Williams Professional Sentiment Index (Williams PSI) and Williams Electronic Market Accumulation Index (Williams EMAI).  You can read more about them on our website

Traders that own these extremely useful indicators love them. Having a heads-up on where the “Big Money” is going and to what degree can help you get early clues about trend direction and strength…and that can result in highly profitable trades!

When we launched Larry’s indicators, this is what he had to say, “You can consider these indicators my ‘secret weapon’. This is my private stock…they have worked amazingly well and my trading accounts can vouch for their success! I have tested them in all market conditions across futures, forex, and stocks. When they are combined with VantagePoint’s predictive indicators you have just stacked the odds in your favor.

As the markets fluctuate and volatility is at an all-time high, Larry’s unique perspective is vital for traders.  And, that’s been Larry’s goal all along – to help traders trade better, just like us. 

Larry Williams' Vantagepoint Indicators

Recently, Larry stopped into our offices (before COVID) and he shared with my team how much he values our relationship.  He knows that our core values and our desire to empower traders are congruent with his.

If you haven’t had a chance to see our Larry Williams indicators, you can find out more here

Keep an eye out for Larry on the news and if you want more information about how to use his indicators, email me back.

If you’re interested in learning more about VantagePoint, attend one of our online, interactive, complimentary classes; you can sign up here.  I hope you’ll be joining the Vantagepoint family soon!