From the Desk of Lane Mendelsohn

#1 Way to Use Oil to Your Advantage

VantagePoint can help you thrive in the midst of historic volatility.

This month has seen some remarkable changes in our world. Unemployment numbers are approaching 1930s levels. The market seems to be stuck in a range for most stocks, not able to break through support and resistance levels.

And then there’s oil.

We saw history in the making on Monday, April 20, when oil futures dropped below $0 a barrel.

Two things about VantagePoint that are helping traders navigate this once-in-a-100-year experience:

  • Our predictive forecasts based on artificial intelligence
    (and not someone’s hunches, gut feelings, or backward-looking data)
  • Our patented global Intermarket Analysis

Interestingly, our artificial intelligence started forecasting a downturn for oil on January 7. That was before the oil price wars which began in earnest between the Saudis and Russia on March 8. And even after the price war started, our A.I. kept showing oil would be going lower. I’ve heard from quite a few traders that this forewarning was extremely helpful in preserving their capital and, also, for some in the Options and Futures markets, to make a nice profit.

Here’s the chart for oil – you can see for yourself that VantagePoint was out in front of this downward spiral.

VantagePoint Software saw oil downturn in January

VantagePoint traders have something unique at their fingertips with our software – our patented Intermarket Analysis.

Soon after my dad released the first version of our software, Black Monday gutted many traders’ portfolios. As he analyzed what he was seeing, my dad realized that the market’s fundamental transformation was a key factor; it had truly become a global marketplace. Stocks, ETFs, and Futures are interconnected around the world and influencing each other’s price.

As humans, we like to make sense of things. But the massive amount of data to be categorized and analyzed in the global marketplace is massive; so much so, that humans can’t crunch those numbers in a timely way to make that information profitable.

Understanding how to take advantage of a global marketplace as an individual trader was where my dad changed the world. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, my father created a software functionality that gave independent traders an edge in the marketplace.

This is still a component of what makes VantagePoint unique, distinctive, and powerful – our patented Intermarket analysis. Instead of looking backward to try and predict the future like traditional technical analysis, we also help traders see key drivers of an asset’s price.

Our software’s Intermarket Analysis charts show you the markets exerting the most influence on an asset.

Now we all know oil is a huge driver of price across the marketplace, but its influence is often hidden in patterns that humans cannot analyze fast enough. Here are two charts using our Intermarket Analysis function to give you an example of this.

Have you considered that oil is one of the top influences on Apple’s stock price?
Here what artificial intelligence shows:

VantagePoint's patented intermarket analysis shows relationship between apple and oil

When you combine these two functionalities (just two out of many) from our software, you have a recipe for creating successful trades – well-timed and ahead of the pack.

Our software has many functions that can help you find optimal opportunities and reveal unusual relationships most other traders would overlook…or just not see at all.

I never dreamed that in my lifetime I would see such a foundation of the market as oil enter trading levels never seen in 100 years. The stories of the 1930s have seemed like fairy tales, but today we are addressing them as part of our reality.

But remember, more millionaires are made in bear markets than in bull markets!

Now is your time to prosper!

VantagePoint is the tool to help you trade smarter and with greater confidence. I am always proud to tell people we have been empowering traders for over 40 years. But now, empowering traders has a deeper meaning for all of us here at Vantagepoint than ever before!

We love hearing from our Vantagepoint family of traders letting us know that functionality like our patented Intermarket analysis is helping them not just survive but thrive in our current market conditions.

If you’re not using VantagePoint to help you trade, please, consider joining our VantagePoint family. I cannot imagine making a trade without insight from our software.

This is an historic time in the financial markets, and you need to do everything you can to protect your capital, and make wise trading choices in order to grow your account.

I hope you see how VantagePoint isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity for trading especially with this kind of volatility. What I’ve shown you just scratches the surface of what our software has to offer.