From the Desk of Lane Mendelsohn

Out of the Flames of Black Monday in 1987

Trading the current market has been absolutely brutal — hair-trigger reactions to every news drop creating historic highs and lows within just days of one another.

Amidst all of this turmoil, I could not be happier we have a product that helps traders navigate these choppy markets with confidence and calm!

VantagePoint arose out of the flames of Black Monday in 1987 and I want to tell you why. Our software was built during times like these and is exactly what you need in this kind of market.

A Little History

My dad, Louis Mendelsohn, watched as the October 1987 market meltdown:

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average sold off 22.6% in ONE day
  • S&P 500 Futures contract sold off 29%
  • Markets around the world sold off up to 39%.

The market was in freefall, traders around the world were crashing and burning, and there were no circuit breakers like the ones we have today.

As my dad was analyzing what he was seeing, he realized that the interconnectedness of the global marketplace was having an impact that was largely unseen by frantic traders, investors AND pundits. He also realized this was a golden opportunity in the development of our artificial intelligence, neural networks, and machine learning.

The baseline premise of technical analysis is: what everyone knows is reflected in the current price of an asset. All well and good, but traditional technical analysis was looking backward at a chart’s history to try and forecast the future. Further, that analysis was only looking at that single market without taking into account the push and pull of related markets.

What Black Monday proved beyond a shadow of a doubt was that markets are interconnected and that asset correlations all over the world are primary drivers of price.

Realizing this, my dad created our patented our Intermarket analysis that uses artificial intelligence to crunch massive amounts of data from markets around the globe. That analysis often also reveals hidden patterns in the market – information that is vital to traders navigating chaotic market swings like we’ve seen in the past weeks. And unlike humans, artificial intelligence could compile that data lightning fast, something that is vital in a market like the one we are currently experiencing.

Our forecasts continue to hold up! Traders around the world who use our software have written to me with example after example of how our forecasts gave them the ability to protect their assets, find places to profit, and ride out one of the most historic markets of our lifetimes.

Check out this trader’s success. Maybe a lockdown isn’t so bad!

VantagePoint was created for exactly these kinds of markets. Forecasts that are responsive to high level, erratic volatility are protecting our family of traders!