Using Our Influence To Help Traders Protect Their Capital


A few days ago, CIO Views named Vantagepoint AI one of the Top 30 Influential Companies in the world. This was a delightful surprise, but it speaks to me of the bigger picture of what we do.

Being able to be a positive influence in the world means that we can help more and more people protect their hard-earned nest eggs and mitigate the risk of losing it. This year, VantagePoint was influential to many traders, and knowing we’re reputable and trustworthy gave them the confidence to join the Vantagepoint family and use our predictive artificial intelligence to protect and grow their hard-earned capital.

Let’s look at a prime example, our A.I. forecast the pull back before of the COVID-19 collapse; our traders were alerted to the oncoming selloff thanks to four different points of confirmation.

Vantagepoint AI helps traders protect their capital with predicative forecasts.

The biggest market moves of this century were forecast by our A.I. in our hope to help traders plan accordingly.

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Conversely, traders also knew when to take advantage of the bullishness in the market as the V-shaped reversal took the market back up to new heights. And now, amid the volatility in the markets with a stalled stimulus package and an impending election, VantagePoint traders are able to confidently take their trades when they feel the conditions are right. Recognizing that short-term uncertainty and longer-term risk around the election are opportunities if you have the right tools at your fingertips, VantagePoint traders have been able to capitalize on the market’s volatility with short term trades.

Vantagepoint Customer Testimonial

Moving forward, we’ll continue to use our influence to help traders build a safety net for uncertain times and a lasting legacy for their families and communities.

What kind of lasting legacy are you looking to build?

I’m grateful that we’ve been able to help so many traders around the world and that our influence continues to grow.  If you haven’t seen our A.I. in action, I hope you’ll attend one of our complimentary trainings or schedule a one-on-one private lesson with an  A.I. Specialist.  It’s important to have good information at your fingertips and our A.I. is third-party validated at up to 87.4% accuracy. 

Being recognized as a company of influence is very meaningful to us.  We were the first company in the world to give independent traders the power of artificial intelligence for their home computers over 40 years ago.  We continue to invest in our research and development so that we can constantly improve how we serve our traders.


If you’re already using VantagePoint’s A.I. and you’d like to learn even more about your software, email me at for a schedule of our online trainings for our entire Vantagepoint family.