Hot Stocks Outlook for the Week of January 25th, 2019

VantagePoint Software reviews five fresh stocks each week. The Hot Stocks Outlook uses VantagePoint market forecasts that are up to 87.4% accurate to demonstrate how traders can improve their timing and direction. In this week’s VantagePoint review video, we analyze forecasts for Steelcase ($SCS), Legg Mason ($LM), Owens-Illinois ($OI), ULTA Salon ($ULTA) and Roku ($ROKU).

This Week’s Hot Stocks Outlook

Steelcase ($SCS)

Steelcase ($SCS) had a predictive moving average crossover to the upside in late-December indicating a bearish trend. As soon as the blue line (predictive moving average) crossed above the black line (simple moving average), Vantagepoint Power Traders knew they should start taking long positions in this market because the trend was moving higher.

Legg Mason ($LM)

Legg Mason ($LM) follows the same idea (yes, it’s really that simple!) $LM had a crossover to the upside in late-December when that blue line made the cross above the black line. The neural index also reflected that short-term strength moving from red to green. Options traders can really exploit this bullish market by buying some call options too. In 16 trading days, this market was up 14.01% or $3.53 per share.

Owens-Illinois ($OI)

Owns-Illinois ($OI) follows the same idea that exact same idea. Traders can easily see that blue line cross above the black line in late-December, which was a clear indication that a bullish trend was beginning. VantagePoint traders review the end of day data in just minutes and set their positions for the next day. With the blue line above the black line, the neural index at green, and the predicted high above the previous close price, VantagePoint Power Traders have THREE different indicators that show bullish strength. In 6  trading days, $OI was up 12.97% or $2.22 per share.

Ulta Salon ($ULTA)

Ulta Salon ($ULTA) is like the others and had great bullish momentum with a huge gap up in mid-month too. Traders knew, with confidence, that they could begin going long in this market when that crossover of the blue line above the black line. In 17 trading days, $ULTA was up 20.46% or $48.95 per share.

Roku ($ROKU)

Roku ($ROKU) is our last trend to the upside this week and one of our favorite hot stocks that we’ve covered in the paste. The market had a bullish crossover when that blue line crossed above the black line starting in late-December. VantagePoint Power Traders received double confirmation of a bullish trend once that neural index went from red to green. In 16 trading days, $ROKU was up 33.18% or $10.09 per share.