From the Desk of Lane Mendelsohn

They’ve been using VantagePoint Software For Over 10 Years!

Earlier this month, the team and I made a trip out to Las Vegas, Nevada for TradersEXPO, a 3-day event with hundreds in attendance wanting to learn how to become better traders.
The event was full of amazing speakers, booths, and fresh ideas. We loved being able to showcase the VantagePoint Software and getting to spread awareness of the A.I.’s capabilities.

I even had the pleasure of meeting several Vantagepoint A.I. Family Members, like these two gentlemen who’ve each been using VantagePoint for over 10 years!

We love hearing VantagePoint Family Member’s success stories over the phone and email but to actually hear it in-person – it was the cherry on top of this successful Expo.

I know being able to attend a trading expo isn’t possible for a lot of traders out there, so I just want to remind you that we have a completely free live training coming up that showcases exactly what we covered during TradersEXPO. Click below to get that free demonstration.