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Firstlook at Vantagepoint’s 40th Anniversary Bash

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Celebrating Vantagepoint's 40th Anniversary    If you recall, in July I posted about a wonderful night where we celebrated Vantagepoint's 40th Anniversary. The night of celebration wouldn't be possible without our traders and the [...]

New Chicago Mercantile Exchange Micro eMini Stock Indexes Tracked and Analyzed by Vantagepoint

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The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has created a new class of Micro eMini Futures Contracts and Vantagepoint’s Artificial Intelligence software is already tracking and analyzing this new type of futures. Vantagepoint AI ( is the software company that developed the [...]

Traders World Vantagepoint AI Software Review

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“Better Results, More Profits and Less Stress with Vantagepoint AI Software” Says Professional Trader Dr. Keith Wade Recently, professional trader and John F. Kennedy University instructor Dr. Keith Wade (PhD., Finance) reviewed VantagePoint for TradersWorld Magazine. Vantagepoint AI is the [...]