My first 11 trades have been 82 accurate using Vantagepoint (9 out of 11) trading options and possibly higher

Before Vantagepoint I considered myself an investor in stocks, not a trader.   My strategy was fundamentals and paying thousands for financial publications “tips”.  My results doing this have been flip a coin accuracy at best.    

Vantagepoint called and described their software that is “up to 87.4% accuracy”.  I was cautiously intrigued but did hear the words “up to” with more caution.   When thinking about my past results I felt I should investigate and change or add a strategy.   I am not the type to look at 100’s of charts all day of individual stocks.  Vantagepoint has a tool called Intelliscan that scans all the stocks of the sectors I purchased in less than 30 seconds.

I decided to give the software a chance and if it wasn’t simple as described, if I had to manual scan 100’s of individual stocks and the recommendations not profitable I would return quickly.   I also asked the representative to tell me all the fees and if there are any additional fees later down the line I would return.   I was told that the fees were the software, the sectors I wanted to invest in and the data service which has a yearly fee.   Vantagepoint also included training with the purchase.

In going through the training, my approach to using the software was their swing trade strategy using options as the instrument.   Intelliscan scans all of my stocks and if a stock meets all the criteria it finds it.  The criteria are 4 proprietary indicators that must coincide.    Some days no stocks are found where the  4 indicators occur simultaneously,  some days there is a large handful.  

I then look at the stocks found by Intelliscan and look at basic items like the day’s volume and recent news of the company if any.  This helps me weed out the stocks even further.

Whatever is left standing I do an options trade with the option expiring at least 30 days away but 60 days has been chosen. 

I’ve place 11 trades thus far in about 7 weeks.

9 out of 11 trades are closed and 9 of those are winners.

2 out of the 11 are not closed and have about 2 weeks before they expire. Coincidently the 2 are short trades that are as of today in the red.

Satisfied with 9 out of 11 winning option trades and 2 weeks left that the down trades could become green.


The software has paid for itself in 6 weeks.    

I feel good about recommending Vantagepoint to give the software an honest chance based on my actual results and their customer service.   

Vantagepoint recommends to paper trade first and track those trades.  This is a good suggestion.    Vantagepoint wants their customers to be successful and I get follow up emails from time to time on classes and strategy tips.    I get emails from time to time that if I want a refresher on any of the tools to simply schedule it.