I have used VantagePoint for the last four months, and it has made all the difference in the world. At the time I had been in the stock market one month only, intending to take the slow approach, buy and hold. But I was not satisfied with the results, nor with the information I was getting from the newsletters. I was looking for a tool that would show me what stocks would perform best in the short term, not in the next 10 years, and I found it in VantagePoint. The tool is very easy to use, and just as accurate as they claim. Christine, my trainer, did an excellent job in teaching me the ins and outs of using VantagePoint, and showed me the way to other resources. She remains close and is always ready to answer my questions and help me whenever I need it. Everybody in VantagePoint is committed to my success, and they show it in every interaction I have with them. Soon I developed an additional skill: I can read in the VantagePoint graphical charts the ‘intention’ of the market for the next day. I use this as a last filter in the evening, when selecting the stocks to trade next day. This adds to the accuracy of the forecast, and has allowed me consistent success in my daily trading. Yes, daily. I soon realized that with this level of precision, buy and hold is too conservative an approach. I first moved on to active trading, then to day trading, and I have been performing well, not only during the easy bull market, but also through the difficult period of the summer of 2014. We have two children in College. Last year when they started, we wondered how we were going to make it through four years of high expense. The savings were dwindling at a rapid pace until I started trading with VantagePoint. Now our SAVINGS are back in line, ALL college expenses are paid, and we allowed ourselves a NEW CAR. As the investment PROFITS keep accumulating, we are now making the HOUSE IMPROVEMENTS that before we would only dream about.