I stumbled across VantagePoint purely by chance and have been a user for a relatively short period of time. My prior experience had been with currencies, experiencing only moderate success. I had largely lost interest in trading. It is early days for me yet, but I am trading again with renewed enthusiasm and greater success. The following features of the system stand out: Forecasting abilities of the software – 87.4% is absolutely believable. The ability of the software to identify trends is extraordinary. The claimed forecasting ability of the software was what in fact attracted me in the first instance. I was very skeptical at first. However, I have not been disappointed. Ease of use: the software is simple, easy to understand and to learn to use. The signals are clear and unambiguous and potential trades are easy to identify. Very little discretion is required as to when to go in or stay out. Similarly the converging moving averages provide a clear indication when a trade is ending. The intelliscan feature provides an easy to use and highly efficient means of identifying trades of potential interest and saves a lot of time. Exceptional Training and Support: right at the beginning I was allocated an Account Manager, Raquel, who has done a great job of looking after my interests and needs. She ensured my software installation went OK and then led me through it’s features and intricacies ensuring that I gained a clear understanding. Her focus was to support my specific interests and to encourage and persuade me to align my trading activities with the superior insights that VantagePoint provides. She continues to provide ongoing support. My intention is to continue to improve my understanding and use of the software, continue to use it’s trend identification abilities and to integrate it’s use into my previous trading style of shorter term trades, thus getting the best of both worlds.