I subscribe to a number of trading services but was not happy with the results I was getting. Even though these services picked winners, they were long term with many ups and downs. I felt blind and for the faster trades I did not understand why some were profitable and others were not. Now that has changed. When an alert is given I can quickly evaluate the trade, sometimes I stay out of the trade, other times I wait longer until the conditions are much more favorable and at times a trade I stayed out turns out to be a losing trade but now I watch the stock and make profitable trades after my trading service has lost money on the same stock. VantagePoint has saved me a lot of money. With respect to support, VantagePoint is exceptional. Rather than leaving you to download the software and fumble around setting it up they remotely connect to your PC and do the full install and then give you quick lessons. After installation I have had all my questions quickly answered and I highly recommend VantagePoint to any trader.