I was introduced to VantagePoint in 2007 when I was first started looking into trading as a business. VantagePoint showed me a strategic plan on how I can view and trade the markets. I was very excited about being able to simplify the market interdependencies all over the world. When I first considered trading, I was very concerned about how I would be able to fit trading into my already hectic schedule. I saw a huge value in VantagePoint because it was going to do so much of the work for me evaluating the markets using the neural networks. Now it’s 7 years later and I look forward to new things from VantagePoint yearly. The neural networks are retrained on a regular basis so that I’m not using stale predicted market data when the markets themselves are constantly changing. Being a software developer, I truly value all the updates and enhancements that have been made over the years with VantagePoint. I have not missed a single software upgrade because I know how important it is to keep technology and something this valuable up to date. It’s a business expense and a tool to really keep me on track and focused with my daily trading strategies. I also have to give a huge thank you to the all the support staff who have worked with me over the years and have always had my best interest in mind. It’s that kind of service that really continues to give me confidence in my daily trading efforts to have that kind of support behind me.