For many years I was a value investor. In Early 2014 I started to feel very uneasy about the economy. The banks I was invested in were getting deeper and deeper into credit default swaps. By August last year I was starting to spend four or five hours a day, watching carrot and stick sales pitches for useless information, indicators and trading systems. Somehow VantagePoint came up on my radar. I browsed around the site and eventually decided to take the plunge and buy. I bought the software near the end of October 2014. It was a breeze to set up. VantagePoint software is very easy to use, everything is so straightforward. Paul is my account rep. In one short conversation Intelliscan was setup to look for position trades in equities. Because my health is poor it is comforting to me to know that VantagePoint can be transferred to my wife when I am gone. That all the customer service, and training will be available to her.