My purchase of Vantage Point has led to new insights and better results through intermarket analysis.  I have had my own methods of participation in the stock market which have been generally successful.  Getting into and out of trades has been hit or miss in the past.  Professional traders have the edge with proprietary software.  When I heard of Vantage Point’s ability to apply a neural network and artificial intelligence to predict through complex intermarket analysis, I wanted to learn more. Since purchasing this software, trading is more enjoyable without sleepless nights.  I am much more confident in finding new opportunities with better timing.  The coaching service has been excellent. My personal coach has walked me through learning the software and applying the techniques for market investing success.  The weekly calls have been very valuable. I recommend for those people who enjoy learning new quantitative methods that result in superb returns, Vantage Point may be your solution. I highly recommend this software.