I had to send you an email; and let you know how I’m doing so far. Well yesterday I used IntelliScan on all the cross pairs. I identified a good setup on the EUR/GBP. I entered the market in a long position once it was near the predicted low. I put my stop under the previous days low. About A 70 pip risk, the market went against me 9 pips then bounced up sharply. I was so happy to see that on my demo account. Still in the position, and today’s prediction is a higher high and low, with everything else still pointing up. I feel that I am really going to change my life with this software. Plus I was analyzing the USDCHF around 6:00pm and I saw a setup to go long. But I waited until 6:30pm got the update, and that was huge, because it showed some bearish predictions. I then saw another setup with in the same that I first saw. I got a candlestick formation and I shorted the market for a 1:1 quick scalp trade. I got in and got filled in two hours, and the market may have went against me about 5 pips before it raced to my limit order. Got out of the trade about 10 pips away from the predicted low. I picked up 27 pips on my demo account. I have been in the Market Technologies learning center looking at the videos over and over, plus reading my books from Market Technologies. I believe I will become a World-Class trader with this World-Class software. Thank you for helping me, and I have not even used the software a full week yet. I am doing very good so far, and excited about everything. I recommend VantagePoint for anyone who trades.