I have been in the stock market for many years, and I find most of my own investment opportunities by reading, and taking classes on investment strategy. My experience with finding winning investments has always been difficult unless I invest in Dow Stocks or stocks that I usually hear about on MSNBC or find in the pages of IBD. Opportunities are very difficult to find on my own. I was skeptical when I first received a call from a VantagePoint representative a few months ago. She was extremely knowledgeable regarding the market and how Vantage worked. She expressed a sense of confidence that I would be very pleased with the VantagePoint results. Usually most of the calls I get are from very good sales people but they do not have a thorough understanding of their product. What initially appeared to be a somewhat complicated procedure to evaluate stocks turned out to be very clear as I continued with my one-on-one classes. I was especially fortunate to work with a great instructor who had the patience of a “saint”. Finding opportunities turned out to be very easy through Intelliscan, and with a good understanding of which investment were right for me, I began to do extremely well. I checked the charts every night and cross checked the Intelliscan choices with other investment sites, so I could become more familiar with each of the stocks that were possible investment opportunities. VantagePoint has become an indispensable tool for me to identify stocks that are on the move and a great daily monitor to evaluate each of my investments. Each chart provides me with indispensable information on the prior price fluctuation and predicted future moves, so I can intelligently decide on an investment. I would recommend VantagePoint to anyone serious about investing on their own.