I feel very fortunate that I took advantage of the VantagePoint software. As a recent retiree with more free time than ever I began read and learn about more about my 401K and the ‘Stock Market’. The more I learned, the more I realized that I wanted to take a portion of my 401K and actively manage it for myself. The most important question for me was what to invest in? As I read various internet articles about investing, it soon became apparent to me that there just too many types of investments for me to have enough time to look through all the data, much less identify which ones I wanted to buy. While looking for a solution to the problem I came across VantagePoint and realized that VP tracks a huge number of stocks, ETFs, etc. I read the VP articles online and then spoke with a representative to learn more about the most interesting items to me: A neural network with nodes around the world, an 87.4% track record documented by University research, and constant back testing to verify accuracy. Although, born a skeptic (Murphy was an optimist – Seriously). I am willing to listen and learn, but you must ‘prove it to me’. When the VP representative offered support and training on how to use the system to achieve the advertised results, I decided to spend the money for VP and see if I could duplicate the results. I picked 5 stocks from my VP data and invested equally in each, reasoning that 4 out of 5 should be worthwhile investments. All I really expected (hoped for) was a possibility of coming out ahead. At the end of 2 weeks, 3 stocks were ahead (2 significantly), one was a penny above even, and one was slightly down. Because of the gains in the 2 best stocks I was able to sell them for a profit and RECOVER THE COST of the VantagePoint program WITHIN 2 WEEKS. I now use VP to find those stocks which are in position to move up and utilize the available trend analysis tools inside VP to make a final decision on which of those stocks that I want to invest in. I continue to use VP daily to invest with confidence, and most importantly – profitability. Many thanks to my Account Manager, Paul and all of the team! VP has made a believer out me!