I have been trading options in the stock market for approximately three years. Over that time, I recognized the advantage an investor has when a good/strong trend is found, as well as a great entry-point. VantagePoint has given me the tool to do just that as I trade. And not only those advantages, but the integration of many markets into the VantagePoint system enables me to get a preview into what tomorrows price action may hold for my stock trade. This helps me to pick only the best investment options, set effective stop-outs and gives me confidence to handle my trade appropriately by minimizing the fear factor which could lead me the wrong way. Finally, I have added the Williams indicators to my trading tool-chest to help confirm where the money is flowing if the stock is being accumulated or distributed among large stock holders. I am very pleased with the VantagePoint software and the advantage it gives me daily to be a successful trader at the highest levels.