I first encountered Market Technologies and VantagePoint whilst writing my thesis in my last year at University. It was titled “Using Neural Networks to predict Stock Indices”.  My research very quickly came to the work of Louis Mendelsohn and to this day I have been convinced of the benefits of Inter Market Analysis, Neural Networks and Technical Analysis.  A few years after graduation, I purchased VantagePoint although this first foray was not to be successful.  A few classic trading mistakes flawed this attempt – “Lack of trading funds inhibiting a diverse portfolio”; “Ignoring stop losses”, to name a few.

Fast forward more than a decade to 2016, with a new upgraded version of VantagePoint alongside dramatically improved online trading methods (my broker even has an app so I can track positions during meetings).  The second time round has me more confident, with my VantagePoint portfolios setup and IntelliScan filters defined for the Long and Short side.  As I write this testimonial I have 9 open positions across Currencies/Metals/ETFs/Softs (7 up, 2 down), with the open P&L sitting at +15% of starting capital.

Long may it continue.  Many thanks to Louis and his great team.