My name is Rex and this year I turned 60 years of age. I have a rather large family with 7 sons and an amazing wife. This coming year 3 of my sons will be in college simultaneously. I think it is necessary to tell you that I have not inherited any money, nor am I independently wealthy in terms of money. I am blessed with a decent job and have provisions that are needed. I first learned about money making money at the age of 10 when I received a letter (perhaps my first) from Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith. I was fascinated and took to learning more about how this is done. I started working early and trying to build for my future. I worked hard and have done so for 50 years. I first learned of options in 1989 when a friend introduced me to the concept. I have traded options since then until now with very limited success. This year I made a determination to get focused and serious about my trading. I reluctantly admitted to myself that my studies and efforts were not working for me no matter how hard I tried. I realized that I needed a trading strategy. I don’t recall exactly how I came aware of VantagePoint, but one day about 2 months ago I received a call. Much to my surprise, the VantagePoint representative was intently listening to my story and spent almost an hour with me discussing intermarket relationships and forecasting markets. I was sceptical about the process, but this call came to me in exactly the right time and I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. I made a commitment about a week later and entered into a new world of trading. I soon began to understand that VantagePoint was a very simple and accurate tool that I needed in my arsenal and at the same time, training and tutorials supplied me with a trading strategy. My account representative and everyone at VantagePoint has been there to support me and they are sincerely interested in my success in trading. I know that I can contact my representative any day and she will stop and discuss with me any subject matter that I need assistance with. I am grateful that I have been introduced to VantagePoint and I look forward to many years of progress of making my hard earned money work for me. The initial step may be hard, but the rewards are worth working for.