I purchased VantagePoint software around 2 months ago. I found out about it from a fellow trader I have known for a long time, he told me this software is great and he gave me a link to the website.I was reluctant to buy since I have been trading full-time for over 7 years and have been successfulI decided to give it a shot due to the high accuracy claims. This turned out to be a great decision for me as VantagePoint really helps with 3 things:1. It finds trading opportunities very well and saves me a lot of time, I don’t have to spend time looking.2. Fact is, for me to make real accurate longer term trades, I had to spend a lot of time analyzing the markets and making many measurements while watching indicators. VantagePoint really cuts my setup time down which saves me a lot more time.3. The third thing that this software does for me, is it is a top of the line, very good confirmation tool. When I analyze a trade and then the VantagePoint comes up with the same results as I did, showing to take the trade, I can confidently put more leverage/ money on that trade, which makes me a lot more money. Especially since VantagePoint has shown me that it has a very high accuracy rate on all markets by itself alone.If I had this software when I first started trading, it would have saved me from a lot of bumps & bruises which would have saved my money. This software has made me a lot of money already, which makes my wife happy, as you know, a happy wife is a happy life.And last I would like to thank the company for making this fantastic software as well as the Customer Service Department, which is the best I have ever experienced, and a special thank you to my relationship account manager Lisa A. who did a very good job of helping me use VantagePoint successfully. So whether you are just starting or are an advanced trader, this software can greatly help you. I would not hesitate to recommend VantagePoint software to anybody..