I am currently a 21 year-old college student who is looking to make money while at college without having to obtain an on-campus job. I was also looking for a way to make a sustainable income regardless of where I am or what I might find myself doing, so I turned to trading on the stock market.

Before VantagePoint, I was mildly successful trader. I would have streaks where I did really well and then times when I could not seem to find a break anywhere. It was frustrating and at best I was making little money to breaking even.

After VantagePoint, I was able to find not only better trade positions to take advantage of, but I also received the confidence to stay in trades that I had made to accumulate even more profit. I went from being a mildly successful trader to one that consistently makes money on a weekly basis.

When I first got VantagePoint, I told my software coach that I was looking to make 15% a month on the money that I had invested. He assured me that this would certainly be an attainable goal. Little did I know that my coach probably knew VantagePoint would far surpass this seemingly small expectation now.

Currently, I am consistently making between 14-17% a week on money invested and hope to continue to hone my skills and abilities afforded to me through the software of VantagePoint.

I would highly recommend this software to anyone who is truly committed to making money consistently on the side or full time because of the financial independence that this software truly makes possible for people of all ages.