I’ve been a full time real estate broker since 1980. I retired only a few weeks ago after deciding that I just didn’t have the enthusiasm I had for many years. I’ve had a lot of interest in trading the stock market but have no background in this field. I signed up with another program that seemed to help at first but I found myself with no meaningful direction. VantagePoint Software seemed to fill some of the obvious needs I was lacking so I agreed to buy the software. Because I am so new at trading it has taken me a few months to learn the basics of the VantagePoint software. But I think I am doing pretty good for a beginner in a very choppy market. In the last 2 months I have actually paid for the price of the software and feeling pretty good. I believe this software will take me to any level I want to go in my market trading. I’ve been very happy with the help from the people at VantagePoint. They have been available to answer them all. They have saved me a lot of sleepless nights!