Uncovering Market Secrets with VantagePoint

We recently began a series of reports on CSI-compatible trading systems that I feel merit attention. Since this month’s newsletter focuses on getting the most out of computerized market analysis, it seems a good time to introduce the unique VantagePoint product. Lou Mendelsohn, of Market Technologies, has spent much of his life perfecting this tool. Following my decades-long association with Lou, I can attest to his honesty, devotion and commitment to the pursuit of inter-market technical analysis.

VantagePoint is an analysis tool that captures the substance of several independently related markets, which combine to predict the movement of a specific market. There are several VantagePoint systems, and each employs similar strategies and testing procedures on subsets of independent markets that differ according to their predictive nature.

The Market Technologies website offers several testimonials that introduce VantagePoint as a capable inter-market analysis and neural network product. John Murphy, author and technical analyst for CNBC, and many other prominent industry leaders have written about the VantagePoint system, which thrives on the depth and scope of CSI’s immaculate worldwide data reserves. According to a documented testimonial, VantagePoint has assisted users in doubling invested capital. One user reported an 80% accuracy rate. Day traders, position traders, and spread traders have all found VantagePoint to satisfy their trading needs. We are fortunate to have Shawn Matthews, recently of Market Technologies, on our staff. She continues to use her expertise in consistently and courteously assisting VantagePoint users.

Review Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 2004