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VantagePoint Software Support

FREE VantagePoint Software Support and Training for Six Months!

As a VantagePoint Software customer you’re entitled to receive technical support and training from our world class customer support team for the first six months. Your free support starts immediately with software installation, a software navigation and training sessions. The software is very intuitively designed, so like many of our customers you should feel very comfortable using the predictive indicators and charts within just a matter of weeks if not sooner. At that point, the support and training team will remain available to you for any technical or advanced technique issues you may have.

Our team is dedicated to your success and will constantly be thinking of ways to help you become a more successful trader using VantagePoint. As part of your support you will be assigned a Relationship Account Manager who is available to provide you with resources including video tutorials, webinars, training content and more that will help you best incorporate VantagePoint’s predictive technologies into your existing trading plan. Your training is personalized so we’ll go at your pace. We won’t sit around waiting to hear from you either. We will be contacting you to help you get off to a great first start.


Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern time
Phone Number: 813-973-3875
Press: 1 – Registration, 2 – Education, 3 – Technical Assistance
Remote Support Portal


Please fill out this form and a customer support representative will contact you between 9am-5pm EST by the end of the next business day.