5 Ways to use the Luck of the Irish in your Trades

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As traders, luck is often the four letter word that you shouldn’t say on TV (or anywhere else for that matter.) And yes, that includes you, all the O’daytraders and McScalpers even on St. Patrick’s Day. If you decide to let [...]

Trading Gold? Consider These Three Factors Now

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We aren't living in your grandfather’s trading environment anymore. Traders need to keep their finger on a lot of pulses these days. Maybe you're a Gold bug looking to focus only on the technical and fundamental factors affecting this precious metal. [...]

Using Predictive Indicators to Forecast the Futures Market

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What Futures Market Traders Need to Know If you're trading the futures market you probably know that one of the biggest challenges lies in accounting for all the different factors that affect each market. Sure, you know relationships exist and that [...]

How the Fed’s Announcement on Interest Rates Could Affect the Markets

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The chatter of China and Greece seems to have subsided as the focus is now on the Fed's announcement on interest rates. While volatility has definitely settled, the real question is - how is this decision affecting the markets? If we're [...]