Intermarket Analysis

Global Market Analysis for S&P 500, Dow and Light Sweet Crude Oil

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Traders understand that markets are interconnected from a global standpoint and that trading decisions must not be based solely on one target market but on all those affecting it. VantagePoint software conducts global market analysis on markets around the world [...]

Trading Strategy – A Guide to Market Correlations

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Financial markets rarely trade completely in a vacuum. What happens in one market frequently spills over and may drive other markets’ movements. For traders using predictive market software like VantagePoint, the intermarket relationships are analyzed, evaluated and weighted to forecast [...]

Market Forecasting Methods for the New Age of Trading

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Are your Market Forecasting Methods Ready for the New Wave of Trading? As a trader you have probably thought to yourself “How can I get my moving averages to be predictive instead of lagging?” In other words, you're looking for [...]