Energy SPDR Trading

Energy Sector SPDR ETF Defined and Explained

The Energy Sector SPDR ETF tracks with the performance of the S&P Energy Sector Index. With the enormous instability in oil prices this past year, The Energy Sector ETF has become an actively traded sector. Major oil companies make up a large portion (and influence) of the Energy Sector ETF.

In the past, energy stocks have made strong defensive positions, but were not very attractive to day trading. With XLE near record highs, it is moving to a more attractive volatility level, allowing for profit-taking in smart ETF trades.

Energy ETF Trading Prices/Rates

The ETF’s daily prices are available in most major newspapers and online. The Energy ETF is a solid performer that allows for excellent tracking and prediction with the right tools.

The Energy ETF is seen as an excellent choice if an ETF trader is looking to maintain the risk profile of a portfolio.

Energy SPDR Trading Software

Knowing what is going to happen in the market is critical to profitable ETF trading. VantagePoint software forecasts the Energy Sector SPDR ETF high and low for the next day with a very high accuracy, so you’ll know where to put your stops and whether to tighten up on them or get out of the trade immediately.

Using forecasts of market trend direction in conjunction with predicted highs and lows greatly increases the potential for successful Energy SPDR ETF trades. VantagePoint even allows you to visualize forecasts and indicators graphically on your computer for ease of use.

Energy Sector ETF Trading Information

The Energy SPDR’s component stocks are highly diversified. They not only operate in the oil patch, but many are also involved with chemicals and even consumer products. This is why oil and the Energy ETF do not often show a very high correlation.

Trading Energy SPDR with VantagePoint Software

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