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Forex Pairs Trading Defined and Explained

Simply put, Forex Trading is the simultaneous buying of one currency, and selling of another currency. Any Forex trading strategy should be based on accurate data, sound advice, and realistic forecasts. There are websites and publications centered on trading, in particular the increasingly popular Forex markets.

Forex Pairs Trading Software

Forex software has become the trader’s greatest tool in a bid to make consistent profits. The foreign exchanges have been traded in one way or another for centuries. Live trading and tracking can be completed without having intimate, physical knowledge of the trading floor or the major brokers.

There are basically two options regarding the Forex software that traders have access to:

  • Online Forex trading software, or web based applications, provides increased security and instant streaming prices and updates. Online software prevents outside parties from being able to gain access to personal data. However, this can be a problem with some desktop packages. To gain full advantage of internet based software, it is better to connect to the internet via a broadband connection. This means that Forex data can be transferred much quicker, enabling real time prices to be more accurate and trades to be completed as required.
  • Desktop Forex trading software usually still requires an internet connection to update data and receive live price and trade feeds. However, the nature of the software means that even those with a slower internet connection have the ability to use powerful tracking and trading software. The major concern with most offline Forex software packages is security. Because all the information is stored directly on the user’s desktop, it is open to attack from viruses and hackers. However, more recent packages are much more secure.

Most Forex software packages offer the benefit of some automated analytical tasks. In the case of VantagePoint, users are privy to some of the most powerful and accurate predictions available. These forecasts enable users to make trades early enough and with enough confidence to avoid disappointment. As well as providing a forecast of the next day’s prices, VantagePoint Forex software can accurately predict days into the future.

Traders must rely not only on the timely presentation of information, but also on the analysis and forecasting that VantagePoint offers. Charting and tracking can be done quickly enough that trades can be completed before the expected move in prices. This is invaluable to any successful trader looking to take advantage of a probable move.

Forex Pairs Trading Information

The Internet is the largest resource of information in the world. Billions of people put this resource to use every single day for various reasons. Those who wish to learn Forex can do so quickly and easily using the internet, offering various benefits over the more traditional brick and mortar approach to education. Forex trading is an extremely hands on practice, and in order to really get a grasp of the theories, the analysis, and other information involved, it is a good idea for students to set up a practice account.

The most important point to consider before beginning trading Forex is that the driving forces behind the market are constantly changing. This means that any Forex course or other form of education can only teach the theories and the basics. Traders are constantly learning new tips and new patterns that can either prove fruitful or bear no relevance to prices.

Intermarket analysis considers the effects that other traded markets may have on the Forex market. For example, Intermarket analysts may look at price trends in the oil market compared to the trends that followed in the Forex market. If any indicators were found, then the trader would act accordingly. Some Intermarket analysts, considered to be technical analysts, may use charts to spot these trends. On the other hand, fundamental analysts may use the news associated with one market and determine its effect on the other.

The existence of Intermarket relationships is still contested between many parties, but there are a number of analysts and heavy traders who are insistent on its effectiveness. Either way, it would certainly be a folly to ignore it as a potential indicator, especially when beginning to learn Forex indicators.

Indicators for the Forex market are defined as PIPs. A pip, which stands for “price interest point,” represents the smallest fluctuation in the price of a currency pair. The value of a pip depends on whether a person’s primary currency (e.g., USD for a U.S. citizen) is the base currency or the counter currency.

The Major Forex Pairs VantagePoint software predicts are in the following categories:

US Dollar/Canadian $ US Dollar/Jap Yen US Dollar/Swiss Franc Aust $/US Dollar Euro $/US Dollar B-Pound/US Dollar Aust $/Jap Yen B-Pound/Jap Yen B-Pound/Swiss Franc Euro $/B-Pound Euro $/Canadian $ Euro $/Jap Yen NZD $/US Dollar Euro/Swiss Franc.

Trading Forex with VantagePoint Software

Since 1991 VantagePoint Software has been applying Artificial Intelligence to forecast market trends with up to 87.4% accuracy. With more than 25,000 customers in 114 different countries, VantagePoint is the leading AI trading software for Forex.



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