Can You Guess Why This Email
Had My Team Dancing For Joy?


Every so often a note from a Vantagepoint Family Member comes in that really makes us smile from ear to ear. I had to share this one with my entire team and I want to share it with here on my blog too.

Hearing from traders that the software we developed has helped them in a way nothing else has is the ultimate “job satisfaction” for my team and me. VantagePoint is working for Fritz exactly as it is designed to. It’s saving him time, giving him solid predictive analytics, and helping him time his trades for profits.

We love seeing traders succeed!2021 is our year to continue improving upon what we offer traders – an opportunity to have reliable market forecasts. Our A.I. continues to grow smarter and more accurate and we have dramatically expanded our educational opportunities. We also have some great innovations in the works and many are the result of input from our traders.

If you haven’t seen VantagePoint or you’re ready to become part of our Vantagepoint family, join us at a free training or email me to set up a personal, one-on-one demonstration and get a free forecast for the market of your choice.

And, VantagePoint traders, if you’d like to learn even more about your software, email me or access the schedule of our online trainings available to our entire Vantagepoint family through your customer portal.