VantagePoint is ideal for any trader looking for proprietary software that does the market analysis but allows the trader to pick markets and trading conditions.  Its market longevity and positive reviews are a testament to the credibility of the software. However, the real key is the software’s ability to actually forecast and anticipate trend changes in advance with unprecedented accuracy.  Recouping the cost of the software should not be a challenge. Read full review in Spanish.

VantagePoint is a reliable tool to aid in trading. It’s easy to use but in this latest version, several new features also make it more efficient. It’s a step forward with its updated faster operational speed, and artificial intelligence. What truly matters is the quality and performance of the product.

VantagePoint Version 10 is a very powerful tool built on Mendelsohn’s long-standing reputation in the trading software industry as the ‘godfather of computerized technical analysis’. If you are serious about your trading, you should strongly consider joining the thousands of other VantagePoint users. An intelligent trader or investor should have no problem recouping the cost of the software quickly.  Highly Recommended.

Mendelsohn’s research proved effective in addressing the globalization of the markets and the need to employ intermarket analysis. In 1991, Market Technologies released VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software. This software applied the nonlinear, pattern-recognition and forecasting capabilities of neural networks to intermarket analysis, marking yet another significant step in the evolution of PC-based technical analysis.

VantagePoint is intuitive, easy to use, and offers traders unique leading-type technical indicators. Using intermarket analysis and an intelligent neural network process to find hidden patterns and relationships between markets, these indicators provide short-term trend forecasts and anticipate trend changes. Most analysis software operates by plotting only current and historical prices. VantagePoint is different in that it was designed to tell you tomorrow’s expected high and low.

VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software 8.8 takes trading with the trend to a whole new level. VantagePoint goes far beyond most typical analytical software packages, which look only at past prices on each individual market to create various technical indicators averages like moving averages that lag current market action.

After analyzing three years of actual market data from November 2008 to November 2011. The average of the results below is 79.7 percent, which is quite astonishing given the market volatility of the last three years, and it suggests strongly that the 80% plus forecasting accuracy rate itself is attainable.

VantagePoint’s strength is in turning the predictive data from the neural network process into indicators that lead rather than lag the market. VantagePoint’s predicted difference indicators often provide even earlier alerts that market momentum is shifting, giving traders clues that a trend is strengthening or weakening and could possibly lead to a change in price direction.

In 2011, Stocks & Commodities reviewed VantagePoint release 8.6 and was greatly impressed by the capabilities of the software. This review takes a look at the new features and measures the performance and predictive accuracy of the new release, VantagePoint 9.0.

The quality of VantagePoint speaks to the adage, ‘You get what you pay for.’ If you are serious about becoming a successful trader or investor and you are looking for an edge that spots and helps confirm potentially profitable trading opportunities, while helping you to avoid dangerous traps, VantagePoint is the tool for the job.

Using a neural network process to select the best parameters and predictive indicators that meet the criteria set by its trademarked Intelliscan® feature, VantagePoint provides reliable short-term trend forecasts to give traders an early alert for trades they can take with confidence, making it possible to recoup the cost of the software quickly.

VantagePoint 8.0 still relies on its time-tested neural networks and intermarket analysis to arrive at its predicted forecasts. That is a definite plus because they have proven to give the user an accurate “heads up” on market direction. This is the heart that drives the software, and Market Technologies could have built simple functionality around this core and left it at that. But the company has added many additional functions that are beneficial to users.

Market Technologies claims an accuracy of approximately 80% on their website. We calculated the average accuracy of version 7.0 to be 82%.

In my experience, you usually get what you pay for when it comes to trading software. Applying the forecasts available in VantagePoint 7.0 with sound trading techniques, you should soon find that an investment in this software is well worthwhile.

VantagePoint is perhaps one of the few ‘neural net’ software packages to survive the test of time.

I tested the accuracy and found it to be accurate anywhere from 77% to 84% of the time – right in line with Market Technologies’ claim.

Of all the commercially available trading tools on the market, VantagePoint stands in territory where it seems to have no peers.

VantagePoint, with its predictive technology, could serve as a useful tool in the traders armory for short term spread betting, binary betting or straight futures trading. Highly recommended.

Day traders, position traders, and spread traders have all found VantagePoint to satisfy their trading needs.

Provides a signal when a trend may change, sometimes days before it becomes evident with moving averages.

VantagePoint offers the trader a number of new indicators that, unlike the lagging indicators that are prevalent in most trading programs, are instead designed to be leading indicators.

A major factor is having VantagePoint to give me a frame of reference it’s an excellent short-term trading tool.

Won’t suffer from the traditional lag problem of moving averages as it uses predicted values.

A test for the four-year period from January 2005 through December 2008 based on mid-point prices produced the following accuracy figures: EUR/USD cash currency, 82%; Euro FX continuous futures, 81%; Natural gas continuous futures, 79%; Russell 2000 Index continuous futures, 76%.

The purpose of this accuracy analysis was to pick a different time frame than what Market Technologies tested to demonstrate whether or not the accuracy is consistent over multiple time frames and multiple years. Accuracy and statistics were computed and verified by a seasoned trader and PhD in Mathematics.

The “80% plus” accuracy comes from numerous independent tests since 1991.VantagePoint has been so good for so long that reviewing it is easy. Every version is faster, more reliable, more efficient, sleeker, easier to use, and it offers more categories to find potential trades. The creators of VantagePoint want you to succeed and will do much to get you there.

This patented analytical process is the underpinning of VantagePoint’s unique status in the world of trading software. In a nutshell, no other commercially available trading software exists that can replicate what VantagePoint does.


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