VantagePoint’s full suite of predictive technical indicators helps you to capture more of the trend so you can enter trades earlier, place your stops at more optimal levels, and stay in winning trades longer.

Predicted Moving Averages

Moving averages are one of the most widely used technical indicators, but they are often criticized for their lack of predictive value. Enter VantagePoint. Our team spent years researching and millions of dollars to create a Predicted Moving Average (PMA) that is not only easy to use, but can put you on the path towards consistent profitability as you learn to spot true trend changes.

Predicted High and Low

What trader wouldn’t want to know what might happen in the market tomorrow? With VantagePoint’s Predicted High and Low Price indicator, you have a good idea as it forecasts the next day’s high and low with a high degree of accuracy – giving you a predicted trading range for 1 day in the future.

Predicted Neural Index

In independent software tests, VantagePoint’s Predictive Neural Index has consistently proven accuracy rates as high as 86%. The Predicted Neural Index tells you whether a market is likely to move higher or lower in the coming two days, giving you a huge strategic advantage over most other traders. You will see that the proof is in the profits.

Predicted Differences

Momentum is key for trading in today’s complex markets.  Whether it’s for entering a new position or determining the optimal exit, you need to know if the market’s trend is getting stronger or weaker. VantagePoint’s Predictive Difference provide several important clues to help you determine the strength of the trend.

Predicted Strength

Overbought or oversold markets are clear candidates for short-term trades in either direction, but you need confidence in fast moving markets. VantagePoint’s Predicted Strength gives you that confidence as it uses predictive data to show overbought or oversold conditions.


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