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We love hearing from traders and their plans to prosper.

We truly believe that our success is defined by the successes of our traders. We work to ensure that we are constantly evolving our software to meet your needs and add more and more functionality to help traders have the most robust information we can provide so that you can make smart trading decisions.

Our website is full of information that might be helpful to you whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out.

  • Every week we publish our VantagePoint AI Market Outlook (video and transcript), Hot Stocks Outlook (video and transcript), and Stock Study all on our blog
  • We also have videos on our YouTube channel.

And this week we are giving away a free copy of our newest eBook:  7 Steps to Creating a Successful Trading Plan over on Facebook.  Just use this link to get your download.  Click on Get Started in the Messenger chat.

Get a copy of VP's new eBook

  • If you’re new to trading, this book will help you identify some habits that can reinforce your trading success.
  • If you’re a seasoned trader, it’s good to circle back and see if there’s anything missing in your trading habits that can help you improve.

Enjoy the free download.  We have so many exciting things planned for this year – I’m sure you do too – and we want to help you make this your best trading year ever.

Here’s to your trading success!


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