You Made Some Bad Trades. Now What?

You Made Some Bad Trades. Now What?

Bad luck happens to everyone, and now it’s happened to you. After a series of wins, you’ve made some bad trades. What do you do now? The truth is that everyone makes bad trades. But just because you lost some money and struck out once or twice doesn’t mean you’re a bad trader. There’s a big difference. So now that your portfolio took a hit, what do you do now?

Go back to basics

Think about when you first started trading. It seemed daunting and mind-boggling. All the advice. All the gurus. All the markets you could trade. But you managed to find your way by following basic tips and sound advice. That solid foundation you started your trading journey with is equally good today as it was all those years ago. Take a breath and check out the 10 common mistakes all new traders make. Refresh yourself with the basics and see where you went wrong and where you can improve.

Have a plan

You do have a plan, right? Smart trading is all about knowing your limits, having risk profiles, understanding the markets and building your bank. It’s the foundation of achieving trading success.  The broad goal of every trader is to win more than they lose. It’s common sense. But the plan to get those wins is unique to every trader. Layout your plan and don’t be discouraged just because of some bad trades. There are always stumbling blocks to success.

Define your trading goals

Part of having a plan is having the goals to match. But trading goals look different to everyone. Some want to retire early. Others want to fund a child’s education. Some want to supplement their income. And a handful simply get a thrill out of trading the markets every day. The point is this; Each one of their success stories will look totally different than yours. So what is it you want to achieve? Just because you made some bad trades doesn’t mean your end game needs to be any different. It means you need to get back on track to achieve YOUR goals.

Use smart software to your advantage

Smart traders rely on smart software to give them the edge they need in the markets. VantagePoint Software uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to predict market direction and strength 1-3 days in advance with up to 86% accuracy.  With deep learning using neural networks, VantagePoint shows you what the market is going to do, not what it’s already done. This increases the odds of success and decreases the odds of making bad trades.

So ask yourself, are you ready to get your trading plan back on track?

Request a personalized demonstration of VantagePoint Software today. Learn why more than 25,000 traders trust the software to help them achieve trading success.  It’s not too late to turn your losses into wins and achieve your trading goals.


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