Meet Our Newest
Vantagepoint Family Member

As you know if you’ve been to my Facebook page, I’m a nature lover and animal lover.  And, because we live in a semi-rural area, we have eagles and ospreys that nest near us.  So in honor of 4th of July and because the majestic eagle is also a great representation of my team’s spirit, we’ve adopted a VantagePoint mascot.
Vantagepoint AI software's new mascot, Lewis the Eagle
Meet our newest addition to the team, Lewis the Eagle.

Our national bird, the Bald Eagle, is actually the ultimate success story having been brought back from the brink of extinction by the Endangered Species Act.  I want to make sure that success story continues by sponsoring Lewis (it was close to my dad’s name!) through the World Bird Sanctuary. Lewis is currently 18 years old and will probably live to be 50! 

We’re grateful for the important work the World Bird Sanctuary does, and I look forward to sharing updates about Lewis over on Facebook.

If you are part of the Vantagepoint family, keep an eye out for more about Lewis in your inbox.

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