Q4 Can Actually Be Your Foundation of 2021 Success

VantagePoint Can Help You Finish Strong

It’s the time of the year when traders are taking stock of their portfolios. It’s actually my favorite time of the year because I tend to get emails from our newer traders who are suddenly surprised at how well they did — thanks to VantagePoint.

Helping traders trade smarter is the primary goal here at Vantagepoint!  We’re dedicated to helping our traders use their software to find the best trades, perfect their timing, and discover hidden opportunities in the markets thanks to our patented Intermarket Analysis.

This year, thanks to more traders staying home, more people have had the opportunity to find out about VantagePoint; our family of traders around the world has grown dramatically.

To ensure all our traders are able to continue developing their expertise with the software, we’ve expanded our VantagePoint University offerings.

If you haven’t seen VantagePoint or you’re ready to become part of our Vantagepoint family and be part of changing lives too, join us at a free training or email me back to set up a personal, one-on-one demonstration and a free forecast for the market of your choice.

And, VantagePoint traders, if you’d like to learn even more about your software, email me or access the schedule of our online trainings available to our entire Vantagepoint family through your customer portal.

Vantagepoint AI software customer portal

What an amazing year this has been!  We’ve seen the depths and heights in the markets and through it all, our A.I. has been one step ahead, guiding traders to protect their hard-earned capital, mitigate their risk and find profits when many others are suffering irreparable damage to their portfolios.  I’m so proud of how we help traders and my team’s commitment to their success.

2021 is setting up for some interesting new developments and I’m sure our neural networks will keep learning and forecasting with even more accuracy.  We also have some exciting proprietary indicators in development too.  It’s going to be a very exciting year!

Let’s all work together to finish out Q4 strong and start 2021 in the catbird seat!