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“The quality of VantagePoint speaks to the adage, ‘You get what you pay for.’ If you are serious about becoming a successful trader or investor and you are looking for an edge that spots and helps confirm potentially profitable trading opportunities, while helping you to avoid dangerous traps, VantagePoint is the tool for the job.” TradersWorld review of VantagePoint Software

“Results were quite astonishing given the market volatility of the last three years, and suggests strongly that the 80% plus forecasting accuracy rate itself is attainable.” Traders review of VantagePoint Software

“VantagePoint’s strength is in taking predictive data from the neural network process and turning it into indicators that lead, rather than lag, the market, giving traders clues that a trend is strengthening or weakening and could possibly lead to a change in price direction.” YourTradingEdge review of VantagePoint Software

“VantagePoint is intuitive, easy to use, and offers traders unique leading technical indicators with a long record of proven accuracy.” Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities review of VantagePoint Software

“The technology in VantagePoint Software is proven to give the user an accurate ‘heads up’ on market direction.” Futures Magazine review of VantagePoint Software

“Applying the forecasts available in VantagePoint with sound trading techniques, you should soon find that an investment in this software is well worthwhile.” TheTradersJournal review of VantagePoint Software

“Of all the commercially available trading tools on the market, VantagePoint stands in territory where it seems to have no peers.”

Forex Factory review of VantagePoint Software

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