From the Desk of Lane Mendelsohn

Stories From VantagePoint Traders

When reflecting on 2019, it is so great how VantagePoint has been able to help our family members reach their goals of financial freedom.

Below is just a fraction of the incredible, firsthand feedback we’ve heard from VantagePoint Family Members in 2019.

You can read all of their trading stories here.

“I can tell you I had 2 option trades that yielded 1400% on one (which I cashed out)and another that is over 500% gain that I still remain in.  I have a lot less stress about losing and why to stay in a trade when other indicators are telling me to sell. In the last month I increased the value of one portfolio over 40%!!” – Scott S.

“Getting into and out of trades has been hit or miss in the past. Since purchasing this software, trading is more enjoyable without sleepless nights. My personal coach has walked me through learning the software and applying the techniques for market investing success. I am much more confident in finding new opportunities with better timing.” – Gail B.

“When I first got VantagePoint, I told my software coach that I was looking to make 15% a month on the money that I had invested. He assured me that this would certainly be an attainable goal. Little did I know that my coach probably knew VantagePoint would far surpass this seemingly small expectation now.

Currently, I am consistently making between 14-17% a week on money invested and hope to continue to hone my skills and abilities afforded to me through the software of VantagePoint.” – T.J. B.

The power of A.I speaks volumes. As we move forward into 2020, we will continue to uphold our mission statement of ‘Empowering Traders Daily’.