The Future of Money?

A Change is in the Air…

In virtually every area of our lives, we are experiencing a digital revolution. As traditional currencies devalue over time, we’re seeing now more than ever the potential advantages and benefits of digital currencies rise to the forefront.

Some of you may even already trade cryptocurrencies – and that’s something we’ve been accurately forecasting at VantagePoint for several years.  Many of our traders have let me know they’re so excited we have our cutting-edge machine learning already invested in forecasting cryptos because digital currencies are definitely heating up!

We always want to be ahead of the curve on providing the services our traders need without sacrificing the diligence and quality we are known for.  

VantagePoint traders have accurate forecasts for trading digital currencies.

For our traders, we have a series of blog posts about cryptocurrencies (just visit our master blog page)

For those who are new to artificial intelligence and how VantagePoint can help you trade, download our complimentary eBook on The Future of Money and then attend one of our  complimentary trainings or schedule a one-on-one private lesson with an A.I. Specialist. It’s important to have good information at your fingertips and our A.I. is third-party validated at up to 87.4% accuracy.

We forecast for all asset classes, but we know you’ll find cryptocurrencies are an exciting trend in the marketplace!

And, VantagePoint traders, if you’d like to learn even more about your software, email me at for a schedule of our online trainings available to our entire Vantagepoint family.