The Joy of YOUR Success

One of the things I love about our software is how it helps people change their lives. Every day I get so many emails from traders letting me know they’ve been able to set their feet firmly on a path to financial freedom.

Watching the markets lately has been like watching a suspense movie, but VantagePoint’s Artificial Intelligence has performed above and beyond. Even with all the volatility in the markets, VantagePoint has given clear indications on when to hold steady or when to let go.

A great example is the S&P 500. Not only did VantagePoint forecast the beginning of the S&P’s rebound days in advance, but it has also signaled bullishness for months as the S&P restored itself and blew through its all-time high….contrary to almost every headline and market talking head.


That’s the power of artificial intelligence!

Where will the markets go next? What’s the next big rally? I’m excited to tell you that our patented predictive forecasts continue to be highly accurate. 

It’s my hope that you create financial freedom and a lasting legacy using our patented, predictive artificial intelligence. We’ve been empowering traders for 40 years….I firmly believe it’s your time now!

If you’re already using VantagePoint’s A.I. and you’d like to learn even more about your software, email me here for a schedule of our online trainings for our entire Vantagepoint family.

If you’re interested in learning more about VantagePoint, our online, interactive, complimentary classes are a great way to learn how you can use A.I. to trade; you can sign up here.  I hope you’ll be joining the Vantagepoint family soon!