From the Desk of Lane Mendelsohn

Vantagepoint Changes Lives!

Scroll down to meet Bentley…and see for yourself.

I’ve shared before that we regularly donate a portion of our revenue to Shriners Hospitals for Children and The Children’s Cancer Center; and that amid this huge time of change in our world, one thing won’t change: our dedication to supporting both of these organizations and the families they serve.

At Vantagepoint, we go beyond writing a check – We involve our local child ambassadors and their families into some of our special company events and they are frequent visitors to our offices.

Right now, our entire team has been seamlessly deployed to work remotely and continue to.  Sadly, that means we don’t get to see our sweet, young friends.  Needless to say, these inspiring kids are resourceful!  I thought you would enjoy this video from one of our special Shriners ambassadors, Bentley Rogers.


Bentley was born with Cerebral Palsy.  Our donations have helped him not only with a state-of-the-art wheelchair but with hours of physical therapy and Bentley’s determination, Bentley has begun to walk. We love witnessing his continual progress, stronger motor skills, and expanding vocabulary.  Bentley is a constant light of positivity and happiness and he brings incredible joy to us when he visits.  I think you can see why.

Thank you so much for being part of our Vantagepoint family and helping to make a difference in the life of Bentley and the many other children who benefit from our donations.  I know this is a time of uncertainty and upheaval for many, and I hope that Bentley’s message raises your spirits as it did ours.

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