From the Desk of Lane Mendelsohn

Our A.I. Predicted This Market Meltdown!

This market meltdown was such a great reminder about the power of our artificial intelligence!  We started seeing the downturn signals on February 18 – almost a week before the market started its current tumble.

Vantagepoint traders had the opportunity to mitigate any losses and, in some cases, profit from what would be account-draining volatility for everyone else.  Many of our Vantagepoint family have written in to say how grateful they are for this insight and how much peace of mind our software has given them.

This sudden selloff in equity prices has translated to stock valuations tumbling by more than $2.5 trillion in this final week of February, wiping out so many traders’ years of hard-earned capital…if they didn’t have Vantagepoint.

In this unstable market, VantagePoint is a go-to household name!  Read more on Yahoo! Finance.

If you’re already part of the Vantagepoint family, we’re so glad you have our software to help you weather this market volatility, mitigate your losses, and maybe even profit in this market tumble.

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