From the Desk of Lane Mendelsohn

We Can All Do Something to Help Right Now

Vantagepoint is dedicated to helping children and their families during some of their worst of times – when children need life-saving and life-changing help. 
In the current uncertainty, one of the first places people tend to scale back is in their philanthropic giving.

I want you to know we are strongly committed to our ongoing donations to The Children’s Cancer Center and Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Amid all the volatility in the market, it’s easy to get really stressed out.  But I was reminded of something my daughter Rachael said to me a while back, “We can all do something to help.” And then she urged me to make an appointment for her to cut her hair and donate it for kids who need wigs as a result of hair loss caused by cancer treatments.

Sometimes, it really is just that simple. 

In trying times, we can find ways to help each other.  I’m so impressed by how Americans are helping others right now, sewing masks and gowns for doctors, donating to food banks, doing fundraising concerts online.  Ingenuity and creativity will carry all of us, around the world, through these trying times.

Everything and anything we can do makes a difference.  Here is Zavi, just one of the many children from Shriners Hospitals for Children who have been directly impacted by Vantagepoint. Zavi is missing one of his legs. He is a direct beneficiary of Vantagepoint’s charitable giving and he and his family have joined us at a number of our company events. We were able to contribute to special prosthetics for him that now let him play ball.

No matter what the financial markets are doing, love is always an investment that pays unlimited dividends.

We’re grateful we have something traders can use right now to protect their capital and even prosper.  If you’re already part of the Vantagepoint family — thank you. 

If you’re thinking about VantagePoint software to help you trade in this historic volatility, I look forward to welcoming you into the Vantagepoint family soon.