From the Desk of Lane Mendelsohn

Your Biggest Asset is Time

We want to help you use it to your advantage with The Most Powerful A.I. Trading Software

Recently I asked how you all were doing, and everyone’s wonderful responses were overwhelming. There really is a special quality we find in VantagePoint traders – the desire to do well and do good.

So many of us are staying inside our homes around the world, but one of the upsides is we’re being given the gift of time.  Time to focus on what matters to each of us.  Time to remember why we work hard.  And time to invest in ourselves and our families.

One of our traders, Jerry, wrote in and his note to me made me smile.

Thanks for checking on me and my family. If ever I thought Investing in Vantage point was a waste of money, the current economic period with the forced lockdown have taught me that I made a wise financial decision. Our small business is closed but I can trade globally online for an income. And there’s just no better way of charting and navigating the markets for profitable trading than with VantagePoint. Absolute no-brainer. Staying at home with VantagePoint and I will probably have no reason to leave after lockdown. Thanks – Jerry
And I heard from Roberto in France, who just joined Vantagepoint in January of this year:
“Thanks Lane, I am doing well and I have opened a live account. I am starting small, I trade forex pairs, but I have tripled my account in one week with VantagePoint software. Thanks and best wishes to you and your family — Roberto”
That’s our greatest joy here Vantagepoint – seeing traders empowered.  The market is a cage match right now between the Bear and the Bull, but VantagePoint traders know how to protect their assets, find opportunities to profit, and track those hidden global relationships that can pay off in a chaotic and fluctuating market like this one.

Right on the heels of Jerry’s note, we were notified by AI Global Business Excellence that VantagePoint has been recognized as The Most Powerful A.I. Trading Software.  What a delightful surprise and an even bigger honor.

I’m so proud of our family-owned and operated company. And I’m proud that our software lets independent traders have an edge in the market and that it gives you the power of artificial intelligence to level the playing field.

I’m glad we can be of service to our traders and that our many offerings can help you use your time to your greatest advantage.  If you haven’t become part of the Vantagepoint family, just click the button below to get started.