From the Desk of Lane Mendelsohn

Your Stable Force in Unstable Times

The continued spread of CoVID-19 has rattled the markets. At Vantagepoint AI, we remain devoted to the health, safety, and well-being of our traders, team, and the communities we serve. With many of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones at risk, I know that you, like us, hope that conditions improve as quickly as possible.

This is a time of uncertainty, but as I’ve said to my team here in Florida, it’s also a time to focus on what is most important in life — what we have rather than what we want, and serving others in need. All of us are thankful that – to our knowledge – all of our traders, friends, family, and loved ones are healthy.

It’s also an opportunity to be grateful for those on the front lines and to those looking after our communities too. I’m also grateful for the amazing group of people in our company. We took steps early to be prepared and well-positioned for a time like this. We’ve heard from so many of our traders about how important VantagePoint is for them right now. Artificial intelligence is perfect for times like this; it has consistently demonstrated its role as a trend forecaster, offering market opportunities for attuned Vantagepoint Family Members. My team has done the work to be available for you without interruption…just like we have always been.

For a bit of good news – as that’s always welcome – just as CoVID-19 was making itself known, I was recognized by Great Place to Work and Fortune magazine as a national leader. I take my role as a leader at this time very seriously – not only for our team but for our entire Vantagepoint family. Our core values of innovation, teamwork, communication, positivity, passion, purpose, respect, and integrity guide our every decision and are my touchstone as a leader.

Being congruent with our core values enables us to be a stable force in unstable times.

Our entire Vantagepoint team has gladly stepped up to our role as an integral part of the health and vibrance of our immediate community with our commercial and philanthropic work; but also as we serve our traders in over 120 countries around the world.

With the CoVID-19 pandemic, a massive market meltdown, and an unsteady economy, my goal is to provide a voice of surety and consistency in these very chaotic times. Many people have called VantagePoint a luxury — now they recognize that it is a necessity!

I’m so glad that we can provide a software that gives traders foresight and the ability to plan for change. While others are losing decades of hard-earned capital, our traders can mitigate their losses and even profit amidst historic volatility.

Just as we’ve always been — my entire team is here to support and empower you!