“Many people think of me as a trading machine that sits in front of the screen all day, every day trading strictly commodity markets. Nothing could be further from the truth. At 68 years old I enjoy running, trading, going to the beach and enjoying life. I have no desire to sit in front of the screen every minute of every day. These indicators I have developed for VantagePoint customers are the very indicators I myself use in my trading.”

-Larry Williams


See Larry’s Indicators:

    Williams Electronic Market Accumulation Index

    For a market to rally it needs new buyers coming in, institutional interests not selling under the guise of strength. The Williams Electronic Market Accumulation Index can highlight excellent trading opportunities. This indicator measures professional accumulation and distribution along the lines of On Balance Volume, but far superior as it is designed for the new electronic markets. Look for divergences between market prices and Professional Advance/Decline. A new high in price not supported by this indicator is bearish, a new low in price that does not occur in this index is bullish.

    Williams Professional Sentiment Index

    I like to be in sync with ‘professional traders’. Over the years I have learned how to, usually, tell how bullish the professionals are towards a market by how the do their buying. By using the Williams Professional Sentiment Index it is possible to arrive at a percentage of bullishness. When the index is high I want to look at my other VantagePoint indicators and trade to the long side. On the flip side, you can use the Williams Professional Sentiment Index to identify when professionals are bearish and if VantagePoint indicators are in sync a short position should be considered.

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