Louis Mendelsohn Donates 3rd Annual Scholarship to Dollars for Scholars

Wesley Chapel, FL, May 12, 2015 – Market Technologies, LLC announced today that its partner, the Hope High School Dollars for Scholars® in Providence, Rhode Island, an affiliate of Scholarship America, held its Annual Scholarship Awards Dinner on May 12, 2015 with more than 125 dinner attendees. Eleven Hope High School seniors were awarded scholarships totaling $24,500, including the Louis B. Mendelsohn Entrepreneur Award, an annual $10,000 scholarship award. Mr. Mendelsohn gave the keynote address at the dinner.

This year’s awards dinner, to honor the scholarship recipients and their families, was attended by many local civic leaders, alumni and educators from Providence, including Jimps G. Jean-Louis, a guidance counselor at Hope High who has worked closely with the Dollars for Scholars program since its inception, and Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Susan Lusi who spoke at the dinner. Other speakers included Jane Bermont, President of Hope High Dollars for Scholars; John Hunt, Principal, Hope High School; and Jean Rodriquez-Hernandez, recipient of the 2014 Louis B. Mendelsohn Entrepreneur Award.  

Mr. Mendelsohn’s keynote address focused on the American Dream and how the award recipients have the power to change their lives through education and a willingness to work hard. Mr. Mendelsohn also introduced the audience to a book called The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires. This book highlights the lives of dozens of wealthy African American millionaires who climbed the socio-economic ladder from the bottom to the top, and identifies those common character traits necessary for personal, professional and financial success. In addition to discussing the book and its relevance to the lives of the award recipients, Mr. Mendelsohn brought copies of the book to give to each award recipient.

The Louis B. Mendelsohn Entrepreneur Award was presented by Mr. Mendelsohn to Hope senior Pascaline Uwase, who grew up in Rwanda and Uganda, before coming to Providence three years ago. Despite extreme poverty, including times when there was little available food, Pascaline was determined to attend school and learn English. At Hope she excelled academically, receiving Highest Honors every quarter since her sophomore year. She will be studying engineering at the University of Rhode Island in the Fall.

The Louis B. Mendelsohn Entrepreneur Award has been presented annually since 2013 by Mr. Mendelsohn, a 1965 graduate of Hope High School. This significant scholarship award demonstrates his strong connection to Hope as well as “his fervent expectation that his scholarship recipients, through their hard work, determination, patience, focus, persistence, high ethical standards, and a deep-seated belief in oneself, will pursue careers and achieve success in the private sector, while remembering their humble beginnings and paying their successes forward in the future. I fondly remember my high school experiences at Hope, and am honored to be able to fund this four-year renewable Legacy Scholarship.”

The partnership with Hope High School Dollars for Scholars program is part of Market Technologies’ and the Mendelsohn family charitable gifting mission.

“I am very fortunate to be able to give back to the community by providing financial support to the Hope High Dollars for Scholars program. Hopefully, my Legacy Scholarship will encourage other Hope alumni, as well as local business and community leaders in Providence, to do likewise. It is my fervent hope that the Dollars for Scholars program will become an enduring source of financial assistance and encouragement to future generations of deserving Hope graduates who aspire to live the American dream, as I have been so fortunate to have done.”

About Hope High School Dollars for Scholars

Founded in 2011, Hope High Dollars for Scholars is a non-profit, tax-exempt scholarship foundation, an affiliate chapter of Scholarship America, operated by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Scholarship America is the nation’s largest provider of private scholarships, helping students pursue and complete their education beyond high school through local and national scholarship programs.

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